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Welcome to AccuCutter®

The leading manufacturer of lightweight metal fabrication equipment.
Our Vision.

At AccuCutter®, we are committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality shears and cornering systems in the industry. Our products are designed to help our customers achieve their goals and grow their businesses. We believe that by providing the best equipment and service, we can help our customers succeed.

Our Solutions.
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Our combined product line of shears and cornering systems is the largest offered by any company. We offer both manual and powered systems, all of which are manufactured and assembled in our facilities in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Our equipment is designed to be efficient, reliable, and easy to use, so you can get the job done right every time.

Our Services.

At AccuCutter®, we are dedicated to providing the best equipment and service to our customers. We offer a wide range of services and after purchase care. Looking for a custom solution? We are a full-service, custom-project oriented machine shop as well. Ether way, our team of experts is always available to answer your questions and provide support when you need it.

Trusted By

AccuCutter® offers the most complete line of shears and cornering systems in the industry. All are original designs by AccuCutter® and manufactured in our facility in Pennsylvania. Our label is your assurance that you are purchasing the BEST.



Model 1001EVO – The Chopper was redeveloped for 2013, a 4” Guillotine Shear designed to be a portable workstation that is perfect for smaller cuts.

Model 2001EVO – A complete redesign of the 12” scissors style Shear with the added durability of the Blade Stabilizer bar and bronze bushings.

Model 3001EVO – A lighter Guillotine modeled after the classic 3001 Shear. It is available in a 13” cutting width.

Model 3001 – A classic Guillotine Shear in 13” & 25” cutting width. The 13” is available with air power.

Model 4001 – Another classic Guillotine Shear, but for heavier materials. The shears will cut .080” aluminum & .050” engravers brass. Available in 7”, 13”, and 19” cutting widths.

Model 5001 – A sleeker, more robust version of the 3001. This Guillotine Shear is ideal for production environments. Available in a 25” cutting width as a manual or air powered version.


Cornering Systems:

Cornermate™ – The original, and our most versatile system, with a wide variety of 24 different shaped and sized cutting units available. Manual, electric, air powered.

Cornermate™ PLUS – An intermediate system for plastics up to .350” and .063” aluminum.

080 Cornermate™ – Designed for .080” aluminum and other heavy materials.



PR12W – A 12” Precision Slip Roller with an 18-gauge aluminum capacity. It comes standard with 1” Tool Steel rollers equipped with wire grooves. Upgraded rollers available.

V-Punch – The V-ersitale Punch is a dedicated hole punching system providing flexibility in both the size and location of holes. Available in both manual and air powered.


When it comes to your shearing, punching, and cornering needs, ask for us by name, ask for AccuCutter®. Now celebrating 60 years in operation and 24 years of in-house manufacturing from US Steel and Aluminum. We won’t cut corners, so you can.

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