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Other Products & Accessories

AccuCutter™ Offers 2 Distinct Products for the metalworking industries as well:
The V-Punch - A dedicated hole punch system offering increased capacity and flexibility.
PR12W Precision Slip Roller - A 12 in roller used to form metal into an infinite variety of rolled shapes.

Accessories - A variety of accessories and replacement parts for your AccuCutter shears.


The V-Punch is a hole punch for lightweight materials designed, developed and manufactured by Accucutter®. It provides flexibility in the size and location of holes, and, with the recent addition of steel side plates, it now has an increased capacity. NOTE: The picture shows the original aluminum end plates and not the new steel ones.

The Precision Roller, a long time favorite of the Accucutter® product line, has been significantly upgraded. The rollers are now manufactured from precision ground and polished tool steel, and now includes in-house manufactured gears and wire grooves on each of the 3 rollers.

PR12 Slip Roller (13 Inch)_edited.jpg
Tru-Square (Guide & Step Ruler).jpg

AccuCutter® offers a variety of accessories for your cutting ease and precise repetition. We also over replacement parts for both newer and older models of most AccuCutter® products.

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