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The 080 Cornermate™

The 080 Cornermate is a new heavy-duty cornering system designed, developed, and manufactured by AccuCutter® for .080" Aluminum. The CM80SPCL Table and Cutting Units are based on a standard 1-ton arbor press (included) and is made to accommodate all the 080 cutting units, regardless of size, including up to the 1-1/2” Radius unit.

The recommended shear limits for the Cornermate™ Plus Units are as follow:
                                 Std.      HP/SLT
Aluminum                .080”    .063”
Flexible Plastic        .250”    .063”
Engravers Brass      .060”    .020”
Brass Plated Steel  .020”    .015”

PLEASE NOTE: The 080 Cornermate™ Table and Cutting Units are sold separately and individually.

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